Live Music

Dieter is an accomplished musician and shares his passion for live music by working and performing with local artists. We’re passionate about live performances and offer a selection of events that range from relaxing music for your listening pleasure to full party bands. Join us at The Lightship Bar, and keep up to date with forthcoming events in our News section.

Dieter has created his own YouTube channel so you can watch many of our short videos featuring live performances.

Dinghy Concerts

Throughout the year we offer an unusual performance on the water. We call them “Dinghy Concerts”, as you need a boat to get to the floating performance. For those who do not own a boat we offer a water taxi to the floating barge, where you will also find a bar offering beer, Westerhall Rum, wine and soft drinks. The performances are free and all that we ask is that you buy your drinks from the bar. The performance normally lasts for about an hour and afterwards everyone goes to The Deck Restaurant for dinner.

Visit our Dinghy Concerts website for more information.